If you are the team leader, you can get started building your team page for FREE – right now! Credit card and service fees are covered by donations, so you never pay anything to use TeamSend (see terms of use for more details). Click on the get started button and begin adding information about your team and trip.

Remember to make the story of your trip short but sweet – if your story is compelling your friends and family will happily become your support team.

A YouTube or Vimeo clip about your team or the destination city/country can help your support team visualize where you are going and what you will be doing.

Photos of team members will connect with your support team since most feel drawn to support a person over a project. To see an example of a completed page, click here.

Setting up an account with Stripe (required but free to set up) will give your support team the really desirable option of making secure online donations. Your connection with a non-profit (ie. a church) makes all donations to your trip tax deductible.

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Once the team leader completes the unique TeamSend page, it’s time to launch your TeamSend Campaign, and get the word out to your support team.

Connect with your support team through email, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …), by sharing your unique team page URL. Click here for ideas about sharing your TeamSend campaign.

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Once your support team has done their part, it’s time for you and your team to go – but don’t leave the support team behind.

Stay connected with your support team by regularly updating your team blog and photo gallery. You can also share any videos you upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

If there are specific prayer requests you want to make known, just add them to your team blog or photo gallery. All online donors are automatically notified when you post updates.

Upon your return you and your team can share the story of your trip with a final team blog post with photos and/or videos. Your supporters will know they were on the team.

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