In The Presence of Royalty | James Grout

Just Another Year For me and my family the year 2017 did not hold spectacularly great moments or incredibly devastating lows. In many ways it was just another year. There were certainly some significant life markers, like having both daughters now in high school, and a move from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Northwest, […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Leading A Mission Trip || James Grout

Leading a Short Term Trip? I am pro short term mission trips and I’m opposed to short term mission trips. This dichotomous posture has formed in me through observation and participation in a broad spectrum of short term trips. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The “good” should be your goal: changed lives; rescued […]

Stop Giving Youth Pastors So Much Money!

It’s not what you think No one is under the illusion that youth pastors are making too much money. Professional youth ministry is generally a low paying job. Fortunately it also has some of the highest ratings for job satisfaction (see Forbes article link below). Clearly, youth pastors aren’t getting rich. But they do handle a lot […]

Welcome to TeamSend!

TeamSend is the brainchild of veteran, short-term mission trip practitioners. We love short-term mission trips and believe in the value they hold for those who go, those who receive, and those who send. We’ve built teams, raised funds, traveled extensively, and communicated with donors along the way. Now we’ve created a tool to help you […]