TeamSend exists to help non-profits hurdle the two biggest obstacles to leading effective short term mission trips: simple funding and compelling communication.

TeamSend is the brainchild of veteran, short-term mission trip practitioners. We love short-term mission trips and ministry trips. We believe in the value these trips hold for those who go, those who send, and those who receive. We’ve built teams, raised funds, traveled extensively, and communicated with donors along the way.

Now we’ve created a tool to help you do the same … only, you will do it better – TeamSend will make sure of that.

James Grout – Co-Founder of TeamSendJames Grout

I started TeamSend to Amplify Communication.

In my 20+ years of youth ministry I have led over 30 short term mission trips and participated in at least 20 student conferences. I am a huge fan of the all the good that comes from such trips. However, I have also discovered that not everything related to mission and ministry trips is good. One of my greatest regrets as a team leader came from the fact that team members were not always faithful in following up with those who supported them. Getting team members to write a support letter was difficult; getting them to follow up with a thank you and final report about the trip, bordered on the impossible. TeamSend makes communication with supporters fun and simple so your support team feels included and appreciated every step of the way. No more regrets!


Phil Grout – Co-Founder of TeamSendimage

I started TeamSend to Simplify Donations.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of short term mission trips but have long wondered if there wasn’t a better way to participate as a donor. I believe support letter writing is a foreign concept to a generation most comfortable on mobile devices and social media. As a donor, writing a check and finding a stamp for the return envelope isn’t impossible, but is more difficult than it needs to be. I have found myself searching the many support letters I receive each year for an online giving option (which I rarely find). TeamSend allows teams to fund-raise using a creative and compelling team page, and at no cost to the team’s non-profit organization. Donors will love the secure and simple online giving option, and will even have a chance to cover fees so their entire donation goes to the non-profit. My favorite feature of TeamSend is the connection donors feel when they receive team updates and photos. All of this is designed to make you, the donor, better informed and more engaged with the mission. Now you’re on the Team!