Let’s finish the job!!

Almost one year ago a small team of 4 adults and 6 high school students, from Community Fellowship, made a trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic, to assist our partner organization, Envision, in the building of an orphanage. With only five days to accomplish our task, we were able to get the foundation and four walls completed. Now we are going to return to finish the job, but we know we cannot do it without our friends and family joining our support team.

Another small team with a big task!

Our team is made up of just 7 people, but with your help we will get the job done. It will take maximum effort to complete the work in the five days we will have for construction, but we know there will be plenty of inspiration coming off of the two days spent doing a VBS with the children in the community, several of whom will live in the orphanage upon its completion.

We need you!

Please consider joining our support team by making donations through this TeamSend page. All donations are tax deductible and anyone making an online donation will automatically be notified every time we update our blog and “pic of the day” gallery. These will be updated regularly as we prepare, travel, serve, and return. Thanks for being on our team!!

Our Team

Jimmy Grant, Paige Turner, Steven Colbert, Malcolm Werner, Leslie Manning, Fred Frey, Dana Prichard

Blog Updates

Thank You For Your Support!

View from our plane as we return home
View from our plane as we return home

We got home this morning after some travel delays, but wanted to share a final post on our TeamSend blog.

To all of our financial and prayer partners, we say “Thank You”. While we will still be unpacking the amazing experiences we have had for some time, we want to tell you that your support was key to our success and growth. Be sure to join us for the celebration of all that happened on our trip when we share in the evening service at church this Sunday night. Watch for more details coming soon.

We Did It!

The roof is on (and leak proof)!
The roof is on (and leak proof)!

Just a quick update as we begin our sixth day here in Santiago. Yesterday was a great day in so many ways. We were able to get the work done on the roof of the orphanage just before the sun set last evening. Then, after an amazing dinner, we celebrated with all of our brothers and sisters from the church and the neighborhood. Singing, sharing stories, dancing, and even a little bit of crying (sleep deprivation and hard work make me emotional apparently). Thanks for your continued prayers for us as we try to finish well over the next two days.


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